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At SVSU, we believe faculty can have the best of both worlds: being able to teach, have meaningful interaction with students, and the support to conduct and present research. Each month faculty work is published in the internal faculty/staff newsletter, the "Interior". See what's new:

November 2013

  • Cyrus Aryana, professor of mathematics, published a paper titled “Self-adjoint Toeplitz Operators Associated with Representing Measures on Multiply Connected Planar Regions and their Eigenvalues,” in Complex Analysis and Operator Theory Journal (Vol. 7, No. 5).
  • Julie Foss, assistant professor of modern foreign languages-French, co-presented “Extensive Reading: Who, What, When, Where, Why How?” and “Wish You Were Here: Highlights from CSCTFL and ACTFL” (with Emily Serafa Manschot, University of Michigan-Dearborn) at the 49th Annual Michigan World Language Association Conference, Nov. 7-8 in Lansing. Foss is MIWLA’s president-elect.
  • Mike Mosher, professor of art/communication & multimedia, edited issue #85: “Is Kennedy Dead?” of the online ( journal Bad Subjects. The issue contains Mosher’s essay “Motown Records, 1963 and the Heat Wave in Detroit,” as well as an article by Rosalie Riegle, professor emeritus of English, and a comic drawn by SVSU B.F.A. student Olivia Nixon. 
  • Danilo Sirias, professor of management, with Robert Artberburn, instructional technology specialist; Poonam Kumar, director of online/hybrid learning; and Deborah Roberts, instructional technology support specialist; co-presented a session titled “Using Web Conferencing Technologies to Build a Community of Learners” at the Lily Conference, Oct. 17-20 in Traverse City. The conference also included a poster presentation by Mary Klaus, ESL specialist, and Judy Youngquist, senior ESL specialist, titled “Developing an Extensive Reading Program within an Intensive Curriculum.”
  • Christopher Surfield, associate professor of economics, gave an invited talk on economic metrics for the Great Lakes Bay Region at the Saginaw Township Business Association meeting, Nov. 14. His presentation included wage and employment trends for Bay, Midland and Saginaw counties, along with growth happening in key industries such as manufacturing and service sectors.
  • Stephen Taber, professor of biology, had his manuscript, titled “A New Species of Micropsectra Kieffer Midge (Diptera: Chironomidae),” accepted for publication in Southwestern Entomologist magazine.
  • Gladys Zubulake, professor of modern foreign languages, presented “Touch the World with Spanish Cinema” at the Michigan World Language Association conference in Lansing, Nov. 8. Several of Zubulake’s advanced Spanish students co-presented at the conference 

Those Who Changed Us

Throughout our lives, we recall those teachers who had an impact on us. Here, alumni and students share thoughts on SVSU faculty who changed their lives.

Faculty Member
Debra Lively

Debra Lively

"I always knew I wanted to teach, but Dr. Lively really reminded me why - it's all about the kids. She taught me to do what's best for the child."

Jenny (Pelc) Zmiekjko, 2006, B.A., Elementary Education Third grade teacher at St. Pius X Catholic School in Flint