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At SVSU, we believe faculty can have the best of both worlds: being able to teach, have meaningful interaction with students, and the support to conduct and present research. Each month faculty work is published in the internal faculty/staff newsletter, the "Interior". See what's new:

May 2011

  • Mohammad Saad Alam, assistant professor of electrical & computer engineering, delivered an invited talk titled “Academic Potential and Challenges in the Integration of Alternative Energy Curriculum in the Existing Engineering Programs” at Oakland University, Rochester Hills, April 8. Also, Alam – along with students T. Meitz, F. Warzoca, K.Sponsler – presented a poster titled “Feasibility Study of a Solar Powered Vehicle Charging Station ” at the 2011 Solar Summit at SVSU, March 19.

  • Geoffrey V. Carter, assistant professor of rhetoric & professional writing, presented “The Chora of the Twin Towers: Contesting and Documenting the Struggle for Rebirth of the 9/11 Site” at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Atlanta, April 7.

  • Monika Dix, assistant professor of modern foreign languages, presented a paper titled “Between Text and Image: Mapping Literature and Narrating Space in the Taima-dera jikkai-zu byobu” at the Association for Asian Studies annual conference in Honolulu, March 31-April 3. She also reviewed Liza Dalby’s book, Hidden Buddhas: A Novel of Karma and Chaos, for H-Net Reviews in the humanities and social sciences.

  • Eric Gardner, professor of English, has the lead article, titled “Remembered (Black) Readers: Subscribers to the Christian Recorder, 1864-1865,” in the summer 2011 issue of American Literary History..

  • Bradley Herzog, assistant professor of rhetoric & professional writing, Mary Harmon, professor of English, and Helen Raica- Klotz, lecturer of English, gave a joint conference presentation titled “From Strangers to Family: The Development of a First Year Writing Program” at the College Composition and Communication Conference, in Atlanta, April 6-9.

  • Marsha Millikin, lecturer of rhetoric & professional writing, chaired a panel titled “Crafting Identities on Screen” and presented a paper titled “‘It Is Not as I Imagined It to Be’: Finding the American Eve in Michael Mann’s The Last of the Mohicans” at the Popular/American Culture Associations (SWTX PCA/ACA) 2011 Joint Conference in San Antonio, April 20.

  • Danilo Sirias, assistant professors of criminal justice, presented at the 48th Annual Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences meeting, March 1-5 in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Zimmermann presented “Restorative Justice Impacts for Middle School Students” and Jaksa presented “Bridging the ideological gap: Signs of moderation in undergraduate criminal justice curriculum and Identity Crisis: Teaching the concept and history of private security to introductory criminal justice undergraduate studentsprofessor of management, presented two papers, coauthored with Joyce Hoffman, at the 22nd Annual Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society in Reno, Nevada, April 29-May 2. The two papers were titled “Designing a Process for Teaching the Main QFD Matrix in the Classroom” and “Quality of Work Is Not Quality of Service: Applied Quality Management for the Small Field-based Service Firm.”

  • Robert Tuttle, associate professor of mechanical engineering, gave a presentation titled “A Gage R&R; Study of the ASTM A609 Ultrasonic Testing Standard” at the Casting Congress, April 6. Tuttle also presented his paper titled “Role of Titanium on Grain Refinement in 1030 Steel Castings."

Those Who Changed Us

Throughout our lives, we recall those teachers who had an impact on us. Here, alumni and students share thoughts on SVSU faculty who changed their lives.

Faculty Member
Nameeta Mathur

Nameeta Mathur

"Living up to high expectations is infectious once you start meeting them. Her teaching fundamentally transformed the way I analyzed the world."

-- described Aaron Crossen, 2008, B.A., history/communication. He is a marketing and sales coordinator for Cech Corp. in Saginaw.

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