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At SVSU, we believe faculty can have the best of both worlds: being able to teach, have meaningful interaction with students, and the support to conduct and present research. Each month faculty work is published in the internal faculty/staff newsletter, the "Interior". See what's new:

August 2011

  • Geoffrey V. Carter, assistant professor of English, presented “Participatory Publics: From MEmorials to MEMEmorials” at the Computers and Writing Conference at the University of Michigan May 20.

  • Jesse Donahue and Erik Trump, professors of political science,gave an invited talk and participated in a panel discussion on “Zoos in Society: Historical Perceptions of Animal Welfare in Zoos” as part of a two-day symposium titled “From Good Care to Great Welfare – Advancing Zoo Animal Welfare Science and Policy” sponsored by the Detroit Zoological Society and held at the Ford Education Center at the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak, Mich

  • Alan D. Freed, Clifford H. Spicer Chair in Engineering, gave a talk titled “A Stroll Down Oberon Lane” at the 25th anniversary of the Oberon operating system (a powerful but minimalist graphical operating system designed by Niklaus Wirth and Jurg Gutknecht and programmed in the Oberon programming language, a successor to Pascal) at Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule in Zurich, Switzerland, May 27..

  • Phyllis Hastings, professor of English, gave a presentation titled “Who’s in Prison? Contesting Images of Inmates and Incarceration” at a workshop at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Atlanta April 9. She also presented a paper “Moving In, Moving Out, Moving On: A Vision for Reshaping the Prison Experience” at the Experiencing Prison conference sponsored by Inter-Disciplinary.Net in Warsaw, Poland, May 20.

  • Kaustav Misra, assistant professor of economics, had a paper titled “The Impact of Mortgage Securitization on Housing Bubble and Subprime Mortgage Crisis: A Self-organization Perspective” accepted for presentation at the 2011 KDI Journal of Economic Policy Conference, Korea, Development Institute, Seoul, South Korea. The paper was co-authored by Hong Y. Park, professor of economics, and Hyejung Chang, adjunct instructor of economics. In addition, Misra’s paper titled “The Wages of Religion” was accepted for publication in the International Journal of Business and Social Science ( June 22, 2011, Vol. 2, No. 12).

  • Enayat Mahajerin, professor of mechanical engineering, presented a paper titled “Analysis of Random Vibration” at the 2011 Annual Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics, hosted by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, June 5-9.”

  • Paul Munn, professor of English, presented a paper titled “The Lyric Sequence as Life Writing to Expose the Abuse of Human Rights: Naz?m Hikmet’s 9-10 P.M. Poems” at the Life Writing and Human Rights: Genres of Testimony Conference. Munn also presented a paper titled “Artifice and the Representation of Emotion: The Case of George Herbert” at the Shakespeare and Early Modern Emotion: An International and Interdisciplinary Conference.

  • Evelyn Ravuri, associate professor of geography, published a paper in the Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography (vol 32, pages 253-266) titled “Reviewing the Guayana Project: Lifetime migration to and from Bolivar State, Venezuela, 1950-2001.”

  • Kerry Segel, professor of English, presented a workshop titled “Beyond Translation: Designing ELL-focused Professional Development for Paraeducators and Mainstream Educators” at the 2011 National Resources Center for Paraprofessionals Conference in Harrisburg, Pa., May 12-14.

  • Stephen Taber, associate professor of biology, discovered a new species – a fly from a western Michigan swamp. The finding will appear in The Southwestern Entomologist as “A New Species of Boletina Staeger Fungus Gnat (Diptera: Mycetophilidae) from Michigan.”

  • Matthew Zivich, professor of art, has art works in the following shows: a painting, “Untitled,(Potemkin)” (2007, household caulk and shellac on canvas) was displayed in the “Stone Soup” exhibition at the University of Michigan’s WORK.DETROIT galley, Detroit, July 8-Aug. 12; a painting “Icarus” (2007-2010, acrylic on linen) was on view at the University of Michigan’s Fifth Annual Alumni Show, 2011, “Things That Move,” July 23-Aug. 5, for which Zivich has served as a member of the organizing committee for the past four years; and, two paintings, “Helter- Skelter” (2005-2011, acrylic on linen) and “Flu-like Symptoms” (2007-2011, acrylic on linen), were accepted for display in a joint exhibition of works by art faculty from SVSU and Delta College at the Midland Center for the Arts, Midland, Mich., June 11-July 24.”

Those Who Changed Us

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Faculty Member
Nameeta Mathur

Nameeta Mathur

"Living up to high expectations is infectious once you start meeting them. Her teaching fundamentally transformed the way I analyzed the world."

-- described Aaron Crossen, 2008, B.A., history/communication. He is a marketing and sales coordinator for Cech Corp. in Saginaw.

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