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Welcome to the SVSU College Transition Program!

We are delighted to welcome you to the 2021 SVSU Transitions Program, the program designed to assist students in successfully transitioning to college life inside and outside of the classroom at SVSU. Students completing the transitions program earn higher GPA’s and are more likely to remain in college!

Students who are admitted under conditional status are required to participate in the College Transition Program. Additionally, students who are a part of the Public School Academy Scholar, King Chavez Parks, and Morris Hood program partake in this program. This program consists of participation in the supplementary College Transition Program, the Transition Semester course, CT 100, during the fall of your freshman year, and required meetings with academic advisement for course registration.

Note: Please be sure to check your SVSU email account regularly through the summer leading up to your freshman year as communication about program details will be sent there! We suggest checking your SVSU email at least once a week.

For additional questions regarding the College Transitions Program, please contact First Year Transitions Coordinator, Sarah Ward at or 989-964-4166.

In preparation for the Fall semester, we have provided some FAQ’s as well as some important information about successfully navigating your transition to SVSU:

College Transition Program FAQs

Participation in the College Transition Program is mandatory for students who were admitted to SVSU under the conditional admissions status*. Additionally, students who are a part of the Public School Academy Scholars, King Chavez Parks, or Morris Hood programs partake in this program.

*This status is given to students whose GPA and/or SAT/ACT score were slightly below our full admissions granting level. Students may gain full admissions status by raising their GPA and/or SAT/ACT scores before beginning coursework at SVSU. Please contact the Office of Admissions at 989-964-4200 for additional information regarding your admissions status.

Yes! SOAR and the College Transition Program are two very different programs.

At SOAR, you will create your freshman class schedule, meet fellow incoming Cardinals and learn all about becoming a student at SVSU. To register for your SOAR program, please Click Here!

During the College Transitions Program, you will be participating in various workshops and activities designed to kick start your academic success at SVSU helping you acclimate to campus and begin building your personal success strategies. See below for more information regarding this program.

The College Transition Program will take place Monday, August 23rd, and run through Wednesday, August 25th for the Fall 2021 semester. Your CT 100 course time will be assigned to your during your SOAR program or shortly thereafter.

CT 100 is the College Transition Semester course introducing students to the university culture and helps them develop the skills to be successful. The course is one credit and will meet weekly. You will take this course during the fall semester of your freshman year. You will be registered for this course during your SOAR program.

This course is intended to help in the development of student success skills, such as reading, writing and speaking. It is also intended to help students gain intellectual self-confidence and to aid in making the transition to the University. To accomplish this task, students are expected to spend 2 hours a week studying and preparing for the class, in addition to attending every scheduled class. This is a hands-on class where instruction will include engaged lecture, discussion groups, critical thinking, reflection, reading, and a few writing assignments.

The CT Program  is an orientation to SVSU academics and resources and will introduce students to the university culture inside and outside of the classroom, helping each student develop the skills they need to be successful in their first year of college and beyond. Topics covered during this program include success strategies, goal setting, using academic and campus resources, as well as social integration to campus.

In addition to these topics, you will get to know the CT Mentor assigned to your section of CT 100. These mentors are students who have a wealth of knowledge on how to navigate SVSU and be successful!

If you plan to live on campus for the Fall 2021 semester, you will move in the morning of August 23rd. Additional details will be provided to you in July after housing assignments are made. Students who do not plan to live on campus will still report to campus all three days of the program. A detailed itinerary will be provided for you in Early August. Please do not make other plans these three days as you will be on campus most of each day.

Unfortunately, at this time, only students who are conditionally admitted or a part of KCP, PSA, or MHED at SVSU can participate in this program or take CT 100.

Other than participation in the College Transitions Program, successful completion of the CT 100 course, students will have an academic advisement hold placed on their student account which will prohibit students from making changes to their course schedule without advisor approval during their first year. Sarah Ward, First Year Transitions Coordinator, will be your assigned academic advisor.

No permanent mark is made on a student's transcript regarding this status other than the grade and credits earned for taking the CT 100 course.

Students who successfully complete the CT 100 course and achieve a 2.75 GPA with 12 or more earned credits in their first semester as well as complete the SOAR+ program in the winter semester of their first year will have their conditional status lifted. Students who fail to meet these requirements will remain on hold until after the completion their second semester. Students who are in good academic standing at the end of their first year will then be released from the advising hold placed on their account. To learn more about academic standing, please click here.

Note: Students in the PSA and KCP program may have different requirements and/or restrictions. Please speak with your program coordinator for more information!

A detailed program agenda will be provided to you in the month before the program. The program will run all day all three days and will consist of sessions aimed at helping you prepare for college academically and socially. You will learn how to access and utilize numerous campus activities as well as get to know individuals and resources ready to support you!

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