Financial Reporting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I correct something that is not correct in my account?
Call x 7132 or email questions to jmand ( at )

How do I set up a new account number?
You can memo or email your request. Written correspondence should contain the following: grant account number handled through Grant Accounting office.

What type of financial information is available to me?
Account information with revenues and expenses, budget information, outstanding encumbrances, and the remaining balance in an account.

Can I still request a paper copy of my monthly management report?
Yes, on an as needed basis. Call x 7132.

What is an Agency Account and how do I set up one?
An agency account allows a student organization/club to use specific University services. Student organizations/clubs must be a recognized organization through the Campus Life office. A description of an Agency Account can be found in the Operations Manual 5.4.2 .

How do I change a manager/supervisor on account?
Written notification should be sent to Jane Anderson, Manager, Financial Reporting Services. Call x7132 for questions or email jmand ( at )