Lab Reservations

Faculty requests take precedent over all non-course related computer lab reservations. Faculty teaching courses that require the use of a computer lab, must reserve the lab well in advance of their need. There are two basic types of computer lab reservations made by faculty: 1) full-semester or, 2) periodic, one-time use.

Full-Semester Reservations

The policy for full-semester reservation is treated similarly to classroom scheduling, where the computer lab is associated with the course in the SVSU Course Schedule. Department Chairs are expected to work with both full-time and adjunct faculty to schedule their courses and corresponding classrooms and labs through Kris Gregory in the Office of Academic Affairs.

Due to increasing awareness and instructional needs, computer labs are being requested more and more. Failure to properly schedule in-advance the full-semester use of a computer lab may result in minimal access to any computer lab.

Periodic, One-time Reservations (Lab Exceptions)

Periodic, one-time reservations (commonly called Lab Exceptions), are classes that do not require the use of a lab for an entire semester. The procedure for requesting periodic or one-time use of a computer teaching lab is through the submission of a Lab Exception Form online through the Conference and Events Center.

Please submit your requests as soon as possible, at least 10 days prior to your need. Failure to do so may result in denial of your request. Open labs may not be reserved (e.g. C-227, SE-104, SE-105, etc).

Final Exam Week Lab Reservations

Any requested reservation of any computer labs for any purpose during finals week will be directed through Kris Gregory, x4093.