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Meet Angel Tian

  • An Aug. 2009 Communications & Digital Media graduate
  • Native Country: China; currently living in Saginaw


“Angel” Anqi Tian, from China, is an August 2009 graduate of the Communications & Digital Media (CDM) program. His reason for choosing SVSU’s program was its ability to infuse his love for computers with the creative pulse of the arts.

“Angel” likes the latitude he’s been given in choosing design courses – courses that provide the assignments that can build a portfolio and which marry design theory with skill building, like the class in comic book design, in which he and his classmates undertook the entire process—from idea to hand-drawing to scanning and full layout design.

These classes, Angel says, also pave the avenue on which students learn design theory, so their creations can balance function with aesthetics -- “to be both useful and beautiful,” he adds. Also the way he gained experience with industry-standard design software—building skills vital for a designer in today’s ever-changing media.

His capstone project is a portal website for American developers to approach Chinese software.

But studying in the U.S. had other benefits, he said. He could network with American designers and even improve his English. Although culture shock was common at first, he says he now feels completely accustomed to living in America.

Since graduation, Angel and his wife have had a baby girl. They plan to move to Los Angeles in a few months where he will work full time.



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