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Meet Allie Vincent

Allie is an internal communications coordinator for a major automotive parts supplier. But before she applied to SVSU or its master's program, she took a long look at the job market. As a communications major, she knew she had to gain a competitive edge by developing her technical background. "That's where the market is going," she says, "especially in a global economy."

As things she's gained from her coursework, Allie cites collaboration and project management skills, adding that now she brings a new perspective to her work. Technology is constantly evolving, Allie adds. "But I feel more confident in my skills with it than I did before, which was the reason I did it in the first place," she says. "And if you have that knowledge and the understanding of how these tools work, then you're able to adapt in how you use them."

Reflecting on her experience at SVSU, Allie says her professors were "great and very knowledgeable." Additionally beneficial was interacting with her classmates, and the experience and expertise they brought to the discussion. "It helped me to expand my knowledge just by learning from other people in the program," she says.

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