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Vision, Mission, Goal & Expected Outcome


The College of Health and Human Services will provide academic and professional programs at the highest level of quality and service and achieve recognition for its programs. The graduates will distinguish themselves through service and leadership in health and human services for a diverse society. Through exemplary teaching, research and interprofessional community partnerships, the College will engage with the greater community to be the premier health and human service resource for this region.


The College of Health and Human Services creates opportunities for individuals to achieve intellectual and personal development related to health and human services through academic and professional programs. The College fosters an environment of inquiry and use of best evidence while respecting the diversity of the students, clients, and communities it serves. The College emphasizes interprofessional education to prepare graduates for a variety of professional roles to contribute to the advancement of health and welfare in a pluralistic society. The College serves as an intellectual center dedicated to the pursuit and propagation of knowledge related to health and human services.


The programs of the College of Health and Human Services will provide undergraduate and graduate education, as well as continuing education, that prepares professionals for interprofessional practice in 21st-century health and human services systems.

Expected Outcome

Graduates of the College of Health and Human Services will meet the professional and legal regulatory standards necessary to be eligible to practice and pursue graduate education consistent with their discipline and level of educational preparation.