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Elementary Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification

Academic Program Requirements

Saginaw Valley State University is authorized by the State of Michigan to recommend students for initial teacher certification at the elementary (K-8) level. To be certified at the elementary level, program candidates must select two content minors from the three content areas listed below or a Social Studies major, and complete a planned program that incorporates the other content areas as well as health, physical education, music, world languages, and the arts.

  • Integrated Science Minor (28 crs.)
  • Language Arts Minor (27 crs.)
  • Mathematics Minor (20-24 crs.)
  • Social Studies Minor (28 crs.)

In addition to completing course requirements in the content areas, program candidates will also complete a professional studies sequence over a period of three semesters, and student teaching during the fourth semester.

Additional Endorsement Areas for Elementary Education

Program candidates may choose to add an endorsement from the following list. Please note, those who elect to earn an additional endorsement(s) must still complete the content major or two content minors, the planned program minor, professional studies courses, and pass the required MTTC subject area test(s).

  • Early Childhood Minor (21 crs.)
  • Educational Technology (21 crs.)
  • English as a Second Language (21 crs.)
  • French (23 crs.)
  • Spanish (23 crs.)

Certification advisors will provide specific requirements for each area.


Teacher Education Program Requirements

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