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Teacher Education Program Prerequisites & Admission Requirements

The College of Education accepts applications twice a year for admission to the elementary and secondary Teacher Education Program. Pre-education majors preparing to enter the Teacher Education Program should become well acquainted with each of the program policies and procedures below.

Step 1 - Be a current SVSU student
Step 2: Complete Prerequisites
Step 3 - Pre-Education Seminar Dates
Step 4: Apply to Teacher Education Program in Tk20
Step 5 - Follow-Up After Completing Application
Step 6: Fingerprinting and Criminal Background Check
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Rebanding Information for Elementary Teacher Certification


If you are planning to apply to begin the current Elementary Teacher Education Program in Winter 2021, you will follow the requirements that are outlined in your SVSU Catalog. This will allow you to fulfill the requirements for a K-8 Standard Elementary Teaching Certificate.

  • The application period for Winter 2021 is September 14-18, 2020.
  • All coursework, including student teaching, must be completed by the end of Winter Semester 2023.
  • The final MTTC for the Standard Elementary K-8 Certificate will be offered Summer of 2025.
  • We cannot admit new candidates to the current K-8 elementary certification program Fall 2022 and beyond.

FALL 2021

If you are planning to apply to begin the Elementary Teacher Education Program in Fall 2021, you may have the option of following the current requirements outlined in your SVSU Catalog leading to the K-8 Standard Teacher Certificate or completing one or more of the new certification bands.

  • The application period for Fall 2021 is January 4-15th, 2021.
  • If you select the K-8 band on the application, you will not be able to change bands and will be required to complete all coursework, including student teaching, by the end of Winter 2023 Semester.
  • If you select one or more of the new certification bands, you will follow requirements to complete the professional studies and student teaching prescribed in the SVSU Catalog for the appropriate band. The new requirements will appear in the 2021-20 SVSU Catalog. Pre-education majors will receive a summary of the requirements when they are finalized by the Elementary Teacher Education faculty.


  • Teacher Education Program applicants will select one or more of the available options within the new elementary certification banding.
  • Birth through Kindergarten (B-K)
  • Lower Elementary (PreK–3)
  • Upper Elementary (3-6)
  • Pre K-12 Special Education, English as a Second Language (must also choose B-K or PreK-3 or 3-6)

Pre-Education majors seeking certification in any of the new certification bands should follow the General Education and Pre-Education course requirements in this document Rebanding Pre-Education Course Requirements (218KB) .

Michigan Department of Education Teacher Certification Structure (103KB)



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