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Welcome to the Regional Education Center - Macomb

Saginaw Valley State University is pleased to bring quality graduate classes from the College of Education to locations close to you ‌in southeast Michigan. Comprehensive course selections are available to you at the Regional Education Center - Macomb in Chesterfield Township. We pride ourselves in offering quality graduate course work at an affordable cost. In addition to our easily accessible location, we are offering increasing numbers of online classes and hybrid classes which blend traditional classroom presentation with online instruction.

Contained in this website is additional information regarding all of our programs. To schedule an appointment with one of our advisors please call the office at 586-749-0067.

We are interested in your needs and suggestions for offerings.  We are open to requests to bring classes to your school location, for example, if the demand is established. 

Do reach out to me by email or telephone at any time.


Craig Douglas, Ph.D., Dean, College of Education
Saginaw Valley State University
P: 989-964-4195
C: 989-753-7261


Contact Us
(989) 964-4057(989) 964-4057
Toll-free: 1-800-968-2540


James E. Tarr, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean

Vetta Vratulis, Ph.D.


College of Education Dean's Office,
Gilbertson Hall, North 275
University Center, MI 48710


8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.