Bookstore Advance for Financial Aid Recipients

Students receiving grants, scholarships, loans or other awards may request up to $700 of their remaining financial aid funds deposited into a Bookstore Advance Account for textbook purchases. A student must “Opt-In” to the Bookstore Advance through Self Service to participate.

Any financial aid awards are first applied to tuition, fees, and/or housing costs, any excess funds may then be deposited in the Bookstore Advance Account.  The exception would include a grant, scholarship or award that specifically pays for all or a portion of a student’s textbooks/supplies.

If receiving a student loan, all financial aid requirements must be completed before those funds will be available at the bookstore.  Bookstore advance amounts are taken from the negative balance shown on a student’s Account Summary by Term.  The Bookstore Funds are only available for use in the bookstore starting one week prior to courses beginning until two weeks into the semester, with the exception of Spring and Summer, when funds will be available one week prior to classes until the end of week one of the semester.  

  1. Log-in to with username and password
  2. Go to Self Service
  3. Select Students
  4. Select My Financial Account
  5. Select Bookstore Advance Opt In

Once opted-in to the Bookstore Advance program, the student will remain opted-in for future semesters. Should your bookstore funds not be utilized for two consecutive terms, you will need to opt back in for the funds to transfer to bookstore again.

Each student account allows for only one change per semester; if a student has opted-in and opt-out within the same semester, they may need assistance from Campus Financial Services Center, contact them at (989) 964-4900 or

Upon logging into your Account Summary by Term, look for "FA Bookstore Advance", if this appears on your account, your excess funds are available at the bookstore.  If this credit does not appear, there may be other circumstances that will not allow the funds to transfer.  Contact the Campus Financial Services Center at (989) 964-4900 for assistance.

Any book or merchandise returned to the SVSU Bookstore, that was purchased using the Bookstore Advance Account, will be credited back to the student’s account. 

Any unused funds will be refunded in accordance with the University’s refund policy. Unused bookstore funds will be credited back to your student account 3-4 weeks into the Term.

Read the financial aid Terms and Conditions to review the Bookstore Advance process. 


Campus Financial Services Center
Wickes Hall 131A
(989) 964-4900

Scholarships & Financial Aid
Wickes Hall 141
(989) 964-4900

Office of the Registrar
Wickes Hall 151
(989) 964-4085