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Teacher Resources

Here at the SBWP, we want to provide our area teachers with model lessons and assignments that foster good writing. Here you'll find links to various online resources, including videos, lesson plans, and short writing assignments that you can use with your students. 

Here are some websites we recommend for finding good assignments which can be used with your students in-person OR remotely:

Chomp, Chomp, www.chompchomp.com

Covering grammar terms and usage through exercises, handouts, YouTube videos and even full modules (designed for Canvas LMS), Grammar Bytes! is an easy-to-navigate and useful site.

No Red Ink, www.noredink.com

This site offers various grammar handouts and writing exercises, including prompts and a platform to create peer feedback groups and monitor student progress. This platform will take some time to get to know, but it is very robust. You have to sign up to receive the free content.

Read Theory, www.readtheory.org

This site focuses on reading skills; it includes short articles on activities you can use in your classroom, as well as short reading assignments and related questions based on grade level that allow you to monitor student progress. Again, the site takes some time to learn, but it’s worth the effort. You have to sign up to receive the free content.

Essay Pop,  www.essaypop.com/

This interactive platform models and breaks down essay writing based on frames (different colored parts of the essay). It contains examples and assignments based on grade level, formatting for MLA, and the option to add your students to a collaborative peer group. The platform is good for introducing students to (and supporting students in) the essay writing process. You have to sign up to receive the free content.

Fiction and Poetry Videoshttps://www.communitywritingcenter.com/writing-workshop-video-library.html

This is a series of three videos on writing fiction, and another three videos on writing poetry created by Kelli Fitzpatrick, SBWP teacher/author, for the SVSU Community Writing Center. Each video runs about 90 minutes and includes an overview of concepts, mentor texts, and time for writing short and longer responses to various prompts.