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Adult Writing Workshops

The fee for each adult workshop is $25, and you must register online in advance.  Questions? Call us at 989.964.6062.

Unfortunately, our adult workshops are full.

We are unable to accept any more participants at this time.

We encourage you to attend the , which are free and open to the public, or any of the other great events we have scheduled for the Michigan Authors' Workshop Series.

Wednesday, July 24

Mardi Link, author of the memoirs Bootstrapper and The Drummond Island Girls, and three true crime books, including Wicked Takes the Stand

"'Me, For Strangers’ Memoir Writing” (for adults)

You’ve had an interesting life, or at least survived a few interesting years, and everyone says you should write about your experiences. Okay, so now what? Readers of essay, memoir, and personal histories are hungry for true stories. For proof of this just look at the front tables of your local bookstore, the bestseller lists, and the popularity of “based on a true story” movies. But how do you make your life and your experiences compelling reading for an audience of strangers? In this workshop, learn how to go deeper in your writing, by delving into what happened in your life and thinking about how these events shaped you as person. 

1-4 pm, The Pines at the Dow Gardens


Thursday, July 25

Jack Ridl, author of several poetry collections, including St. Peter and the Goldfinch, Practicing to Walk Like a Heron, Losing Season, and Broken Symmetry

“Approaches to Writing Personal History in Poems” (for adults)

In our time together, I hope to give you a variety of ways to get in touch with your own history: the people and events that had an impact on you. These memories can be as traumatic as experiencing a war, or as poignant and lasting as baking cookies with your grandmother. As with all my workshops, the time will be spent in a variety of ways of exploring your history. You will be generating writing: mostly scribbling, jotting down notes, writing lines, doodling, and so on. Bring something to write on, something to write with, and good cheer.

1-4 pm, The Pines at the Dow Gardens