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Fee-Based Workshops

We offer writing workshops for the workplace and for local high schools. 

Much of our communication in the workplace takes place in writing—grants; emails, reports and memos; speeches and biographical statements—and all of these tasks require not just a knowledge of basic grammar, but a clear understanding of how to write for a specific audience and purpose. Here at the CCW, we’re here to help. An SVSU faculty or staff member can come to your business or organization to help your employees write these kinds of documents—just contact us to learn more.

Writing is an integral part of high school; it’s an even more important part of college.  This is one reason why applying to college is a writing-intensive process: completing a successful essay for the SAT, crafting a compelling college application essay, and writing an effective scholarship essay are all tasks most college-bound students need to complete. Here at the CCW, we're here to help.  An SVSU faculty or staff member can come to your school to help your students with these types of essays—just contact us to learn more.

To learn more about our fee-based workshops, contact

Helen Raica-Klotz, Center for Community Writing Co-Director/ / 989.964.6062