NEW! Online Marketing Certificate Program (Onsite)

Are You Serious About Growing Your Business this year? Are You Ready to Attract More and Better Clients?

Then, you must really get online. Online marketing isn’t going away. Instead, it’s evolving and changing daily. It’s no longer “something else”, it’s “it”!   Even in smaller local markets like in the Great Lakes Bay Region, online marketing is where opportunity for every business exists today, no matter the size or age of your business.

In a world where mobile devices that can access the internet have now outnumbered people… the longer you wait, the farther you can fall behind in harnessing the opportunities available to you online. And, the faster your customers will find ways to spend their money on similar products and services elsewhere.

More Traffic Online = More Traffic In The Door

“Business as usual” no longer exists. It has been replaced by a fast-changing, somewhat chaotic landscape that isn’t slowing down any time soon. As a result, even marketing a small local business has also changed forever.

Isn’t it time you learned and implemented the right strategies that will help your small business to grow and prosper NOW, as well as position you for the future?

Join US for 4 weeks of in-depth education, business action, accountability, and peer support!

One-month, certificate course. Instructor: Suzanne Rielle

outline Course Outline

Week 1 – Finding Your Bull’s Eye
Morning Session

You wouldn’t play a simple game of Darts without knowing where to find the bulls-eye. Likewise, online marketing can be very costly and wasteful without knowing EXACTLY where to target your efforts. This week we’ll learn and discuss:

  • The biggest mistake small business make when marketing online — and how to avoid them.
  • The 2 things you must do first before embarking on any online marketing
  • How to avoid wasting time and money by setting an attainable target: YOUR unique bulls eye
  • How to (almost effortlessly) leap over your competition online

Hands-on Homework: Zero in on your unique bulls-eye

Attracting Your Ideal Customer
Afternoon Session

Casting a large, generic net on the internet is like trying to capture an entire ocean of fish. What will you actually catch? Not much, and who knows what! Successful fishermen know exactly what kind of fish they are trying to catch, where to catch them, the best time to catch them, and how to catch them. This week we’ll learn and discuss:

  • Project Fish: Figure out exactly who YOUR best customers are (tip: they may not be your current ones!)
  • How to make sure your ideal customers can find you when they are looking for your product or services
  • How to drop in a lure where no one else is fishing!
  • How to cast the perfect bait to capture the attention of your ideal customer

Hands-on Homework: Target your niche and discover how to speak to your ideal customer

Week 2 – Content is King
Morning Session

If you set out bait on a regular basis, what happens? You train those you are trying to attract to keep coming back for more. The continuous creation of quality content your customers will love is the secret sauce to online success. This week we’ll learn and discuss:

  • How to create content the search engines spiders will gobble up and keeping coming back for more at your beck and call.
  • No time to create content? No worries. Learn how often leverage OPC (Other People’s Content). You’ll be surprised how little you have to create on your own!
  • What kinds of content are best for YOUR business and for attracting YOUR ideal customer?
  • How to keep your content idea bucket full with an endless list of content ideas

Hands-on Homework: It’s a big week for homework! It’s time to create and curate some content. Plow through this week, and you’ll be well on your way to attracting your ideal customers.

Your Home Base
Afternoon Session

Are you unhappy with your website? Unsure whether your website is effective or not? Have you been avoiding putting up a website all together? This week is for you! Having a home base on the internet is essential. This week we’ll learn and discuss:

  • Why you must have a home base online that you control
  • The difference between static and dynamic websites, and how the wrong kind of site can actually hurt you.
  • Discover FREE and ultra-low cost ways you can establish a home base
  • What’s a micro-site vs. a website vs. a blog, and what’s best for you?

Hands-on Homework: Claiming and planting the seeds to grow your home base

Week 3 – Be Online – Everywhere
Morning Session

Another easy way to train the search engines is to simply let them know you exist and tell them what you want them to know! Leave this up for chance, and you’ll get chancy results. Be methodical and show up accurately and authentically, and it will pay off over and over. This week we’ll discuss:

  • Citations, Maps, and Directories... oh my! Learn about these critical tools for local businesses and how to use them the right way.
  • Learn the most essential online (and FREE!) directories your business needs in.
  • Don’t fill out a single citation or directory site without doing one critical step first! Learn what and how
  • Learn which directory service you must populate first and how.
  • How to create customer-attracting online profile that you can cut and paste over and over and over

Hands-on Homework: Create your online profile and find the highest profile citation and directory sites for your business

Engagement is Queen!
Afternoon Session

There’s no time like the present to get social! -By now you know social media isn’t going away. But, did you know the 3-5 year prediction is that companies expect to quadruple their interactions with their customers in Social Media? -You can’t ignore this any longer. This week we’ll learn and discuss:

  • Which ONE social network should you focus on for proactively engaging with your customers. The answer for your business may or may not be Facebook.
  • How to focus your attention one network to drive many more customers in your door, rather than spread your precious little time across all of them.
  • Nervous to be social? Follow these simple engagement tips and find a formula will work best for your business.
  • How to spend 10 minutes or less per day on Social Media and still get a huge return

Hands-on Homework: Making Social Media a habit

Week 4 -”Push” Marketing

Although marketing a business isn’t what it used to be, it’s still important to actively and proactively “market” to your customers. You don’t want them to forget about you, and once you have their attention, you want them to take action and learn more. This week we’ll learn and discuss:

  • Two must-do techniques to “push” out your message and “pull” in the traffic (both online and in the door).
  • The most important FREE marketing tool every small business needs in their toolbox.
  • How to give every customer and potential customer an opportunity to opt-in to your special promotions, read your content to learn more about you and your business, and obtain value from your industry wisdom.
  • How and where to create endless offline doorways to your online presence.

Hands-on Homework: I can’t give it away right now… but you’ll do one 5 minute activity that will WOW everyone in your network.

It’s Your Time to Shine!

By now, you’ll feel like you can “really be” an online star! You’ll have a personalized online strategy for your business before leaving this week. You’ll be anxious to get working “on your business” every week knowing you’re doing the right things that will pay off and turn into PAYING customers. We’ll learn and discuss:

  • All YOUR essential components to online marketing, how to prioritize them, and how to mold them seamlessly into your work week..
  • Discover how little time you’ll need each week to execute your marketing strategy.
  • Who pays you the most? Repeat customers. Keep your customers coming back over and over with this BONUS TIP.
  • How to get your raving fans and MVC’s (most valuable customers) to gladly offer their “social proof” of your awesome services AND expand your presence online.

Hands-on Homework: Thank You and Survey. Be a copy cat! By doing this activity, you’ll learn how to employ these awesome tools in your own business!


The capstone session gives each participant an opportunity to integrate all competencies taught through the program for their CERTIFICATE IN ONLINE MARKETING. 

  • Each participant will prepare a 10 minute presentation on how the information will be used in their respective business or organization.
  • The first three or four minutes presentation on your business including your mission statement,
  • Balance of time will be to present what you have created, adjusted, or added as a result of this class.

Who Should Attend:

This program is designed to benefit any small business' online presence.  This class is open to anyone looking to gain or improve their online marketing strategies.


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Class meets on Wednesdays - 6/5/2013 - 6/26/2013 
(with Capstone on 7/10/2013)
8:30AM - 4:00PM



$595, includes certificate
(Pay for 5 and receive the 6th registration for ONLY $95!)