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Applying to the Co-Op & Internship Program (744KB)

4-Year Action Plan Freshmen (1,486KB)

Social Media (897KB)  

4-Year Action Plan Junior (958KB)  

Building a Professional Network (1,074KB)  

Cover Letter Guide (81KB)

Resume Guidelines PDF (128KB)  

Internship.pdf (985KB)

Co-op.pdf (989KB)

4-Year Action Plan Senior (1,231KB)

4-Year Action Plan Sophomore (1,177KB)

Applying for GS (1,348KB)

Interview Follow-Up (543KB)

 I-9 (86KB)

Dress Attire (474KB)  

On Campus Employment Handbook_Student Information (170KB)

InterviewQuestions.pdf (945KB)

Resignation.pdf (694KB)

Types of Student Employment Updated (172KB)

 On-Campus-Interviews&Table.pdf (1,909KB)

Supervisor Guidebook (242KB)

 Resume Guidelines PDF (128KB)

2019 Part-Time Job Fair Employer List (1,076KB)

Job Posting Form (40KB)

Budget Tracker (51KB)

Accounting & Finance Employment Fair Employer List (457KB)

Sample Bullet Points (73KB)

2019 Fall University-Wide Employment and Networking Fair Employer List (816KB)

Health & Human Services Employment Fair Employer List (827KB)

2020 Summer Job & Internship Fair Employer List (658KB)

Creating and Networking-LinkedIn (1,399KB)  

2020 Manufacturing & Information Technology Employment Fair Employer List (139KB)

Job Searching- LinkedIn (777KB)

2020 Spring University-wide Employment and Networking Fair Employer List (239KB)

Connecting SVSU Connect with LinkedIn (623KB)

 Recognizing and Avoiding Job Scams on Handshake (3,179KB)

Pay 2020-21 (265KB)

Instructions for Alumni Access to Handshake (Non-SVSU Email Address) (1,282KB)



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