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Resume & Cover Letter Guides

Resume & Cover Letter Guides

The purpose of a resume is to pique an employer's interest. Resumes are a brief overview of a person's qualifications, skill sets, educational background and experiences. They work to tell a story, giving an employer enough information to judge if a candidate is a good fit for the position.

The purpose of a cover letter is to capture an employer's attention. Cover letters delve into the story behind the candidate and what they have accomplished in previous roles. Cover letters develop a narrative that encourages employers to interview candidates. 

In addition, we have provided a document highlighting sample bullet points for different employment positions. This document will aid you as you write your resume bullet points. 

Together these three documents are pivotal to landing an interview. 

These guides highlight how to effectively create a resume and cover letter by showing how to:

  1. Properly format a resume and cover letter using good interface design practices. 
  2. Develop each section of the resume and cover letter content. 
  3. Professionally present an application to an employer. 
Resume Guidelines (PDF)
Cover Letter Guidelines (PDF)
Sample Bullet Points


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