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New Hire Paperwork

New Hire Paperwork

All New Hire Paperwork must be filled out prior to a student's first day of on-campus employment. All new student employees are required to fill out an I-9 Form, a W-4 Federal Tax Form, a W-4 Michigan State Tax Form, a Student Employee Application, and a FERPA form. Students who live in the City of Saginaw must also fill out the SW-4 Saginaw City Tax Form. Students also have the ability to sign up for direct deposit payments through the mySVSU portal in the self-service tab, Banking Information.

Student Employee Application (PDF)
I-9 Form (PDF)
W-4 Federal Tax Form (PDF)
W-4 Michigan State Tax Form (PDF)
SW-4 Saginaw City Tax Form (PDF)
FERPA Student Employees


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