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Personality Assessments

Unsure of what to major in? Want to make sure to go into a career that fits your personality traits? Take these personality assessments to find a dream major and career that matches your personality type. The results will provide insight and help to match students' personalities and other areas of interest to possible majors. Once these three assessments have been completed, write down the results, schedule a meeting, and bring them to Career Services to discuss the science in greater detail. 

Holland Codes

What can I do with a Major in...

Do you know what the next step is? Or what jobs students can get with their chosen major? If not, students are in the right place. The FOCUS assessment is a free resource provided by Academic Advising. SVSU students can create an account with the access code svsu487. After completing the full series of assessments, the information will be provided about certifications and other requirements needed for any particular job function. Academic Advising also provides a "What can I do with this Major" option to tie in specific majors to career paths.

Focus Assessment
What can I do with this Major?


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