Banner with an image of a professor with the words, As a CAI team member I find it immensely rewarding to help recognize and support SVSU faculty who seek to enhance student learning by becoming more effective teachers. Robert Lane, Professor of Political Science, CAI team Member.


The Center leads and supports several projects and initiatives that help in promoting innovation at the department and institutional level. We believe that institutional change and long-term success of innovative practices depend on change and innovation at the department level. The Center offers a wide range of programs and services to engage faculty and departments to address institutional goals and priorities.

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Button with an image of students reading with the words, Reducing the cost of textbooks. Click for more information.

Reducing the Cost of Textbooks

Button with an image of two faculty members working with the words, Innovation at department level. Click for more information.

Innovation at Department Level

Button with an image of two faculty members working with the words, Online Learning. Click for more information.

Online Learning

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Faculty Development

Button with an mage of a faculty member presenting with the words, Providing a Platform for Showcasing Innovation. Click for more information.

Providing a Platform for Showcasing Innovation

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Faculty Learning Communities