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works by

Amanda Abraham, photography
Jillian Bourbina, photography
Caleb Guthrie, graphic design
Kait Harris, printmaking

April 16 - April 28, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012
4:30 pm - 7:00 pm 

Amanda Abraham -  Artist Statement: I have 28 pieces in the show, and they consists of three separate series. The first is the largest and is titled "Ghost Towns". I traveled across the country this past summer to a job in California and formed a theme of ghost towns: Large cities with abandoned areas although people still inhabit it. I also included one image from a study abroad trip to Italy three years ago. It is a door knocker that is rusted from Venice. I included an image from a home I went into from Detroit of a dolls head. The last one I included in this email is from Wyoming and it is a building with hands painted on the side of it. The second series is of a macro photography study of bugs that I did focusing on texture and the stark contrast between the bug and its background, boldly colored objects like flowers. The idea of life and death is a theme I wanted shown on here with the bug vs. the background and there are four of these. The last series is called In Your Dreams, and is four images of cyanotype and van dyke brown processes. I wanted to show a theme of nightmares with dolls in this one as well as painting a model's face and applying buttons on it for a surreal, dramatic look. The three series tie in together like a "good, bad and ugly" with the idea of death. The Bug series represents the good through a circle of life and death intertwined in each other, the Ghost Town series represents bad because of the decline in our economy, and the In Your Dreams series represents the ugly of nightmares and the illusion of death.  

Barbie_Head_Abraham Wyoming_Hands_Abraham    Door_Knob_Venice_Abraham

 Barbie Head
Ghost Town Series
digital photograph (fish eye)

 Wyoming Hands
Ghost Town Series
digital photograph

Venice Door Knocker
digital photograph

Jillian Bourbina - Artist Statement: I grew up in Saginaw and am graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography. As far as my long term goals, I would love to go to graduate school and go into photojournalism--my dream job would involve photography and travel.

Bourbina_Jillian_05 Bourbina_Jillian_01   Bourbina_03  
Orange No. 1
digital photograph
Yellow 3
digital photograph
black & white film on fiber base

Caleb Guthrie - Artist statement: "I tend to approach my work with a minimalists outlook. I believe strongly that the idea of “less is more” can be very effect when used the right way. Most often when I look at my paintings I want to create the most “tricks” spatially by using as few elements as possible. Some may think that working minimally is too easy but I find it to be the exact opposite. When you try to limit yourself you have to work harder to get the end result you are looking for. It takes much trial and error to get the few elements that you are incorporating into your work to unit together into one complete painting. Just like other artists I am trying to achieve a “magical” illusion in my paintings that will play its role against the overall flatness of the surface. The end result that I try to accomplish is to amaze the viewers with the smallest number of elements as possible."

Caleb_resized_1  Caleb_resized_3  Caleb_resized
Espresso Milano
typo photograph poster
Advertising Design class
Advertising Design Class
Espresso Milano Logo
Logo Design Class

Kait Harris - Artist Statement: I seek to use my art as a way to celebrate women of all kinds, to acknowledge feminine themes and to express my gratitude to the strong, independent women who have greatly influenced my choices in life and my art over the years.  Artistically, I am influenced by the work and styles of Henri Matisse, Gustav Klimt, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Kiki Kogelnik, to name a few.  My recent prints tend to lend themselves toward a more abstract composition relying on forms that are somewhat recognizable as female figures or shapes found within nature and biological processes in combination with careful thought and care put into color selection.  A lot of my forms are very solid contrasting with transparent negative spaces in the composition.  The etchings, which have been digitally modified, are more straightforward pieces.  Overall, I wish to portray the tranquil beauty of nature and a celebration of women.

Run_Fast_S_Harris         Within_S_Harris           Child_s_Pose_S_Harris
 Run Fast
Linoleum relief print & watercolor
 Within S
digital modified etching
Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
 Child's Pose
Linoleum relief print
  Big Tall and Beautiful
Linoleum relief print

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