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Postcard:  Re) Calling and (Re) Telling: Photograpic Images by Kesha Bruce
Photographs from Niger by Scott Youngstedt

(Re) Calling and (Re) Telling: Photographic Images by Kesha Bruce
Photographs from Niger by Scott Youngstedt
"Some Black People" Paintings by Michael Mosher


February 14 - March 5, 2011

Artists Reception: 
Thursday, February 17, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Kesha Bruce, lives in both the United States and France.  She obtained a BFA degree in painting from The University of Iowa, and an MFA in painting from Hunter College CUNY, in New York.  In 2004 she was awarded a New York Foundation for the Arts fellowship in Painting and in 2005 received a Puffin Foundation Grant for her work with artist books.  She has had exhibitions in both the United States and Europe.

RTEmagicC_01_Kesha_Bruce_Begotten  RTEmagicC_04_KeshaBruce_NobodyKnowsHerPeople  RTEmagicC_12_Kesha_Bruce_We_Have_But_Faith.JPG

Welcome to Niamey, Niger: Photographs of Intimacy and Formality by Scott M. Youngstedt

Scott Youngstedt, is a Professor of Sociology at Saginaw Valley State University.  He obtained a MA degree in Anthropology from Reed College, and a MA and PhD degrees in Anthropology from the University of California, Los Angeles. 

RTEmagicC_PC260017.JPG  Mosher/Youngstedt/Bruce Exhibit  Mosher/Youngstedt/Bruce Exhibit
"Some Black People" Paintings & Prints by Michael Mosher

Michael Mosher is a Professor of Art/Communication and Multimedia in the Department of Art at Saginaw Valley State University.  Having grown up in urban Michigan, Euro-American artist Mike Mosher has always seen African-Americans around him.   In elementary school and junior high in the 1960s, open housing and school integration through busing were issues, and his high school had two "race riots" in the early 1970s.   Yet the Motown and other Soul recording artists presented televised images of musical mastery, style, elegance and feminine beauty, while later study with the artist Ashley Bryan, the Africanist Perkins Foss, and the muralist Jon Onye Lockard gave him further appreciation of African and African diaspora aesthetics.  These selections, from the 1970s to the present, represent the occasional but ongoing observations of people of African ancestry that populate Mosher's work.

 RTEmagicC_mosher_judgement-of-solomon  RTEmagicC_blackathlete2-det  RTEmagicC_blackathlete1-det

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