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 Group Invitational Exhibition - postcard

Group Invitational Exhibition

featuring art work by

Kurt Frevel, painting
Emmy Heger, glass
Matt Lewis, painting
David Rayfield, photography

January 12 - 30, 2015


Thursday, January 22, 2015
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm


Kurt Frevel is from Midland and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Alma College.  Kurt owns and shows his art work at the Mantis Gallery in Midland.

Artist’s Statement: Having lived in Michigan all my life and become steeped in its woods, waters and skies, I hope that some of the spirit of the place comes through in my drawings, however peculiarly.  In each of the drawings I’ve tried to compose some sort of response to the mood of the month in which I draw–little dances in ink in response to the seasons, perhaps.

I do this by the time-honored means of color, line and texture; and I utilize repetition, variation, balance, surprise-all of which basics are shared by music, architecture and the other arts.  And I attempt to create a space within the frame that has its own interesting and attractive details, its own proportions and atmosphere, its own vibrancy and mystery.  Whim also plays a part.  I tend to favor compositional integrity over fidelity to nature, though it’s nice when both are served.  Nevertheless, my works are not intended to be representational-their composition, their formal structure is my main concern.

I’ve worked with felt-tipped pens for about twenty years and have drawn and painted in various media since childhood. 

Frevel Image 2


Frevel Image 1


Frevel Image 3


Emmy Heger is from Midland, and has a Bachelor's of Graphic Communication degree from Baker College, she is the Graphic Designer for the Midland Center for the Arts.

Artist's Statement:  Creating gives me the freedom to express my thought, ideas and feelings in a tangible form.  It fulfills in me an unexplainable need to be creative.  My art work, therefore, becomes very personal because the only input is from me and how I feel at that time.  I have always had many creative interests including drawing, cast paper, encaustic, photography and ceramics.  My main creative outlet, however, is glass.  I am intrigued with how the light passes through or is reflected by the colors and patterns within the glass.  Because of its transparent, translucent or opaque nature, the light can transform your perception of each work in an abstract way.  Similarly, I am drawn to the human form as subject matter and the manner in which glass leads to rendering it in an impressionistic way.

Art is a way to share with others a small moment in time of an expression, a thought; it’s a story without words.

‌ ‌


Emmy Heger - glass - As I Sleep Dreaming

Emmy Heger, glass - Releasing Energy

‌ Glass art work by Emmy Heger - Relic


Matt Lewis is  an art teacher at Swan Valley High School, and he actively shows his work in the Detroit arts community and gallery district.   Matt received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from The College For Creative Studies in 2002 and K-12 Certification/Art Education from Saginaw Valley State University in 2005.

Artist Statement:  My work evolves out of a necessity for the work to come into being.  The work is a necessary activity for me in terms of a meditation, reflection, and possibility of self-actualization.  The work has become more focused in recent years on thoughts and meditations of spiritual exploration and psychological activity, both conscious and unconscious. 

These recent pieces are for me, Psychological Landscapes.  These Paintings and Watercolors explore an imaginary psychological landscape that is easily accessed by our own understanding of both figure ground relationships and the familiarity of the landscape format.  These works have no specific narrative and instead utilize a matrix of what I consider to be personal mark making activity.  This activity results in the creation of unconscious personal symbols that represent for me the idea of the unknowable, or the unknowable by intellect, in effect, the idea of symbolizing what is instead a part of you, and therefore transcends knowing and unknowing.  It is therefore a representation of the mystery, and a record of as meditation.

Lewis Image 2      Lewis Image 1      Lewis Image 3 

David Rayfield is from Midland and has a B.A., degree in philosophy from Erlham College, and a Ph.D., in philosophy from Duke University.  David taught Philosophy and Photography courses at Saginaw Valley State University.  He actively shows his work in galleries through-out Michigan.  

Artist Statement:  My purpose in making photographs is utterly simple:  I want to produce images that are to those who view them enjoyable in themselves, apart from any interpretive commentary that I might provide about them, and apart from any reference the images might have to their "subjects."  I plan to continue this effort in respect to still lifes, nudes, portraits, landscapes and street photographs.    Next to presenting at last a finished, mounted print, my chief joy in photography remains the time I spend in my darkroom making prints, struggling to have them match as perfectly as possible my initial vision of the images. 

Although I produce most of my work using 35mm equipment, I also use medium-format and large-format cameras in 6x7cm and 4x5 inches. 

David Rayfield Image 3    David Rayfield - Image 1   David rayfield - Image 2


Art work shown here may not all be in this exhibition.

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