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8th Annual SVSU Student Art Show

8th Annual SVSU Student 
Art Show


May 13 - June 30, 2013


Thursday, May 23, 2013
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

8th Annual Student Exhibit Postcard

This exhibit features works from all medium areas of current SVSU Department of Art students.  All exhibits and receptions are free and open to the public.   

The Annual Art Students Exhibition features works from all medium areas of current SVSU Department of Art students.
This exhibit consists of 71 pieces by 45 students.

Juror's Award was presented to:
Alison Bur, Samuel Dantuma, Sally Giroux and Trecien Schulz. 

Honorable Mention Award was presented to:
Patricia McDonald, Veronica Osowski, and Emily Sovey

Students who participated in the 8th Annual Student Art Show are: Devereaux Beauchaine, Rachel Blaylock, Tyler Bradley, Alison Bur, Lori Buxh, Ethan Combs, Misty Coss, Samuel Dantuma, Nikole DiGiovanni, Lindsay Dyer, Jon Elliott, Kati Essenmacher, Michael Estrada, Jamie Forbes, Eileen Gemborys, Amy Gibas, Sally Giroux, Marigrace Grosteffon, Misty Grumbley, Ryan Janes, David Janssen, Jr., Tammy Jewell, Emily Kock, Karley Knoll, Marisa Landsburg, Patricia McDonald, Lakyn Miller, Katrina Murrell, Melissa Ninberg, Oliva Nixon, Veronic Osowski, Breanna Perkins, Krista Pouzar, Autumn Reyes, Natalie Schneider, Trecien Schultz, Kimberly Sharpsteen, Kassie Smith, Gabe Soto, Emily Sovey, Katie Stanton, Adam Stuart, Adam Stuart, Hope Sweigart, and Andrew Tamlyn.

 For open gallery hours or call the Department of Art (989) 964-4159.

8th Annual Art Students Exhibit, Alison Bur,   8th Annual Art Students Exhibit, Trecien Schultz,
8th Annual Art Students Exhibit, Samuel Dantuma,   8th Annual Art Students Exhibit -

Samual Dantuma

straws, Q-tips, acrylic resin, wood


 Sally Giroux

"Know Your Food/No, You're Food"
ceramics installation

8th Annual Art Students Exhibit -    8th Annual Art Students Exhibit, Emily Sovey, 8th Annual Art Students Exhibit -  

 Veronica Osowski

"Aestas' Summer"
acrylic on canvas

Emily Sovey

"The Face"
oil paint, paper mache, styrofoam

 Patricia McDonald

"Fragments I"
mixed media


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