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BFA Exhibit postcard - Fall 2013: Samuel Dantuma, Jon Elliott, Patricia McDonald, and Olivia Nixon 


November 18 - December 13, 2013

Thursday, December 5, 2013
4:30 - 7pm

featuring works by:
Samuel Dantuma, Jon Elliott, Patricia McDonald & Olivia Nixon

Samuel Dantuma, Painting

Samuel Dantuma is from Standish Michigan. His degree is a BFA in painting and drawing.  Samuel's plans are to finish his degree in painting and drawing, and then also get a second BFA in graphic design.  

Artist Statement: "After that I plan to go on to get my masters degree and one day teach at the college level. I have really enjoyed the art program at SVSU it has been vital in helping me grow and develop as an artist. The style of art that I am making now I would have never imagined creating when I first came to SVSU as a transfer student from Delta College. I am very thankful for all of the faculty that went out of their way to give me input and council. "

 Samuel Dantuma 2 - BFA Exhibit - Fall 2013
hardwood, glue, nails
 Samuel Dantuma 3 - BFA Exhibit - Fall 2013  Samuel Dantuma 1 - FBA Exhibit - Fall 2013
"Composition #1"
hardwood & glue


"Composition with Blue" recycled window frames, windows. paint, glue  


Jon Elliott, Painting

Jon Elliott is a 2013 BFA student at SVSU.  He focuses in media such as oil paint, sculpture, and digital painting.  His work is influenced by many different genres from art history and contemporary artists as well. After graduating SVSU he plans to attend graduate school.


 Jon Elliott painting - BFA exhibit fall2013
"B2S2, Back to School Series"
oil on canvas‌

 Jon Elliott -

"Pistola," Favorite Things Series
digital painting

  "Pinup Descending an Escalator," Favorite Things Series
digital painting


Patricia McDonald, Sculpture

Patricia McDonald is from Oscoda, Michigan.  Artist Statement:  I am drawn to simplicity and precision. There is an apparent emphasis on these two aspects throughout my work, whether it is through form or color. I often utilize strong angles and take a geometric approach to design. I am unconsciously susceptible to the use of simple lines and sharp angles. The color choices reflect this simplicity as well. I frequently create my designs with a muted color palette, often using only black and white. I strive for an excellence in craftsmanship as well. One of my main focuses as an artist is to create sculptures that everyone can appreciate, from well versed art critics, to the average museum goer. I feel that, if nothing else, a viewer can relate and appreciate clean construction.


  BFA Exhibit Fall 2014 - Patricia McDonald  

"The Boccioni Defense: The Durability of Movement"
wood, plaster wrap, wire, wax, charcoal

  "Fragments III, IV, V"
wood, wooden dowels, eye hooks, wire, fishing line, paint


Olivia Nixon, Graphic Design

Olivia Nixon is from Davisburg, Michigan.  Her degree is graphic design.  Olivia also has a strong interest in other media such as printmaking, photography and video production. The majority of her exhibition pieces are based on an exhibition design centered around the topic of hair. This exhibit will potentially be featured in public venues such as science museums and libraries around Michigan.

Artist Statement: "My experience in the art program is what kept me at SVSU. The professors have been by my side since day one and have pushed me, encouraged me and motivated me every step of the way. The personal attention from each professor over the years has been incredibly special to me. They all made me love art in different ways.   My plans for the future are to work as a graphic designer at a toy company in Plymouth, MI called Magformers.  I hope to continue on to earn my Masters Degree at some point in the future, but for now I'm going wherever the universe takes me."


 Olivia Nixon - BFA Exhibition - fall 2013
"Hair Color Infographic"
Vinyl printed on PVC & paper mounted on acrylic glass‌
 Olivia Nixon - BFA Exhibition - fall 2013  Olivia Nixon - BFA Exhibition - fall 2013 
"SVSU 50th Anniversary Logo Design"

vinyl lettering, logo products
   "Locks of Love Fairytale Advertisement"



BFA Exhibit Fall 2014 - Samuel Dantuma BFA Exhibit Fall 2014
 Wood pieces - Samuel Dantuma  "All Things" - Olivia Nixon

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