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Cardinal Connection Experience

We are thrilled to introduce you to a new and unique opportunity to become a part of the Cardinal Connection Experience! This is a semester-long program focused on developing mentor-mentee relationships between alumni and current SVSU students still finding their way.  The Cardinal Connection Experience provides mentoring, and personal and professional development opportunities to undergraduate students by connecting them with a diverse group of SVSU alumni. This semester-long initiative serves to establish a formal mentorship program and connects students to relevant workshops and on-campus resources. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a certificate of completion and a $250 stipend to the SVSU Bookstore. Alumni will receive a certificate of completion.


Application Process & Eligibility 

Open to sophomore-level and second-semester students at SVSU that were enrolled in SVSU’s CT 100 course. Regular cohorts will consist of 10-15 students and all students complete the application process. Second-semester students will be eligible for the program in the Winter semesters. Sophomore students will be eligible for the program in the Fall semesters.

Alumni will have at least three years of postgraduate experience. SVSU alumni will complete the application process.

The Cardinal Connection Experience is the perfect way for many of you to invest in the success of our current students. If you, or an alumnus you know, is interested in being a mentor, please complete the Cardinal Connection Experience application. The Alumni Relations office will be in contact with you upon submission.   

Apply as a mentor


We will not leave you without resources to make this a success for you and an SVSU student! See the PDF below for a complete listing of all of the ways in which we will help you including, probing questions to consider, a developed curriculum to guide your conversation, and ways in which you can help the student plan. To see these, please take a look at the pdf below. 

CCE Program Resources (158KB)