Executive Summary

In June 2015, the Alumni Relations Executive Director Jim Dwyer, staff Kevin Schultz and Pamela Wegener, and six others participated in a day-long strategic planning session. They articulated shared values, new mission, vision statement, goals, and strategies to reach the goals.

Later the staff assigned accountability for every strategy, a time frame in which to complete each strategy, and they determined which of the strategies can be accomplished within the existing budget and which will be funded by new money to be raised by the alumni relations office through grants, fundraising initiatives, individual giving, etc. Every strategy is measurable.

The SVSU Alumni Association's five-year strategic plan is comprised of four focus areas:

  • Student Recruitment
  • Alumni Engagement
  • University Image Advancement
  • Internal (SVSU) Relations

Each of the focus areas has two overarching goals.

Focus Area #1: Student Recruitment Goals

  • Expand the Legacy Program so that 10 percent of the annual freshmen class students are Legacy students.
  • Alumni will make 1,000 student referrals annually over the next 5 years.

Focus Area #2: Alumni Engagement Goals

  • Establish ten (10) alumni affinity groups by July 2016.
  • Increase the number of benefits and service offerings for alumni by promoting existing and new benefits and services that alumni perceive to be of high quality and value.

Focus Area #3: University Image Advancement Goals

  • Collect stories from alumni that demonstrate the viability of SVSU and post them weekly on the website beginning November 2015.
  • Expand the use of social media and redesign the alumni website by June 2016.

Focus Area #4: Internal (SVSU) Relations

  • Increase the presence of alumni on campus to engage with faculty and students.
  • Establish a partnership between Alumni Relations and Career Services to provide opportunities for students and alumni by June 2016.