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Department Chairs

RTEmagicC_Adjunct_36One of the goals of the Office of Adjunct Faculty Support Programs is to help build stronger relationships between adjunct faculty and their departments. Valuable information can be found in the Adjunct Faculty Handbook.

The Office of Adjunct Faculty Support Programs has compiled a list using the Department Chair Online Resource Center ( American Council on Education ) of Best Practices for Department Chairs to consult when deciding how to care for Adjunct Faculty. The following PDF summarizes the  , which were adapted from "10 Things You Can Do to Retain Your Best Adjuncts" by Robert Kelly.

Several resources are available in the links below that offer Department Chairs detailed reading on the Best Practices and other areas of interest from the Department Chair Online Resource Center:

Managing Temporary Faculty

How to Make Part-Timers a Part of Your Program's Success

Win-Win: Providing Support to Adjunct Faculty

Recruiting, Developing, Retaining Adjuncts

Integrating Part-Time Instructional Faculty Members into the Department