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Employment Forms

RTEmagicC_Adjunct_148374_02Below you will find forms that the Adjunct Faculty must complete to teach at the University. It is imperative that Adjunct Faculty complete I-9, Data Form, and FERPA before they can begin teaching.


Use the employment checklist to ensure you have completed all of the steps necessary to begin teaching and to get paid.

Employment Check List (123KB)

Form I-9 is required to be presented in person with the required ID (please see the last page of this form for a list of acceptable I.D.) in the original form. Please do not date the I-9 until you present the documents to the Adjunct Faculty and Academic Support office (SE 201) or Human Resources (W373).

I-9 17_18 Form (551KB)


2015 Federal W-4 is required for all new hires

Federal W-4 (116KB)


Michigan W-4 is required for all new hires

MI W4 (30KB)


Saginaw City tax form is required for all residents of the City of Saginaw



SVSU Data form is required for all new hires. You may find that as an adjunct faculty member not all of the information on this form pertains to you. Only fill out the information that you know, including the emergency contact information.

SVSU Data Form (51KB)


Direct Deposit Form is not a required form but is recommended as the easiest way for your pay to be distributed. Be sure to sign and date the bottom of this form.

Direct Deposit Form (59KB)


FERPA Form is required for all new hires. You will be unable to accept your contract or section assignment until this form is received at the University.



Other Forms

Tuition Waiver form is required to receive the 50% off tuition. This benefit is good for any adjunct faculty during the semester you teach or the semester immediately following.

Tuition Waiver (73KB)


Supplemental Retirement Account is a required form if you plan to participate in the Group Supplemental Retirement Annuity plan that is offered by TIAA-CREF. There is no contribution through the university

Supplemental Retirement Account (30KB)


Health Insurance Marketplace has the information you may need if you are signing up for health insurance through the Market Place.
Health Insurance Marketplace (245KB)

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