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Department Questions

RTEmagicC_Adjunct_59 Departments may vary, especially with requirements related to their courses, books or syllabi. Departments also vary in their ability to provide you with space, computers, etc... The following is a list of questions that will more easily facilitate your readiness to teach by allowing you to learn about your department. We suggest asking:

  • Does the department provide office space for me to hold office hours?
  • Does the department have a space where I can store my teaching supplies?
  • Does the department have a computer I can use?
  • Does the department have a phone that I may use to call students and receive messages?
  • Can I have a key for my office space? How do I get this key?
  • What is the department policy on overloads?
  • How can I make photocopies for class?
  • Where can I get supplies for class, such as dry-erase markers?
  • Is there a departmental syllabus for the class I teach?
  • Are there departmental or university policies that must be included in my syllabus?
  • When are the department faculty meetings and am I allowed to attend?
  • Where will I receive mail?
  • Is my course a General Education Class and which assessment methods should be used?

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