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RTEmagicC_Adjunct_87 Through the last day of the final examination period, a student may request that the instructor issue an "I" (Incomplete) grade. For students who have completed a substantial part of the course, the instructor is authorized to give an "I" if he/she judges that the failure to complete the work on time occurred for reasons beyond the student's control, or that the student was engaged in an individual research project that requires a second semester for completion.

The instructor must submit a completed Incomplete Contract signed by the student to the Registrar's Office at grading time. The Incomplete Contract outlines the work to be done and a default grade to be given if no other grade is subsequently submitted by the instructor.

For all courses except those specifically identified in the catalog as directed study, directed reading, or directed/ senior research, the deadline for completing all work is the end of the fourth week of the next semester. If no other grade is submitted by the instructor at that time, the Registrar will record the final grade specified by the instructor at the time the Incomplete Contract.

On rare occasions when a prolonged illness or other clearly unavoidable circumstance prevents the student from completing the work, the Registrar is authorized to replace the "I" with a "W," indicating withdrawal. Grades of "I" without an Incomplete Contract on file in the Registrar's Office will change to "F" if no other grade is submitted by the instructor before the same four-week deadline.

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