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Adjunct Faculty Pay Scale

Compensation is based on the following scale:

Pay Scale

Degree Level


Semester Experience at SVSU

Pay/Credit Hour




0-3 semesters



Master’s or BFA


0-3 semesters



All Bachelor’s or Master’s


4-6 semesters



All Bachelor’s or Masters


7-9 semesters



All Bachelor’s or Master’s


10+ semesters







  • Adjunct faculty who are hired to teach English 111 and/or 080, Category Ten and/or Communication Intensive General Education Courses are compensated at the rate of $850/credit hour. The special demands of these courses are reflected in this compensation. 
  • Adjunct faculty hired to teach General Education courses will receive an additional $75.00/credit hour to participate in course assessment. 
  • Adjunct faculty whose mileage from their home address to campus is between 50 and 75 miles will be additionally compensated $375.00 per course. An adjunct faculty member whose mileage from their home address to campus is 76 or more miles will be additionally compensated $500.00 per course.
    • This additional compensation will be paid mid-semester in a lump sum.  The faculty member should notify their dean’s secretary to let them know they are eligible for the additional mileage compensation. This compensation is computed at the start of each semester and will not be recomputed should the faculty member move during the semester.


Any questions regarding individual adjunct faculty compensation or potential discrepancies, please contact the Dean’s office.  

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