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Years of Service

RTEmagicC_Adjunct_95 This year at the Adjunct Faculty Awards Banquet, many adjunct faculty were presented with plaques commemorating their years of service to the university. Congratulations to the following adjunct faculty:

5 Years: Jenifer Massy, Amy Augustin, Jerry Boehm, Jennifer Bristol, Nancy Burgeson, Daniel Estrada, Margaret Franceschina, Matthew Giddings, Gregory Gunther, Tia Hahn, Robert Heyart, Valeriah Holmon, Diane Kocenda, Mary Nienaltowski, Sandra Shepherd, Laetitia Stock, Gretchen VanHoorelbeke, Eric Welsby, John West, Jennifer Woods

10 Years: Thomas Beattie, Cindy Elssworth, Brett Hull, E Kirker Kranz, Chris Landeryou, Anna Leppert-Largent, John McMurray, Katherine Metropoulos, Gina Miller, Donald Pussehl, Gary Rocha, Thomas Roekle, Nicole Simons, Patricia Sullivan, Mark Thompson, William Wuerfel

15 Years: Thomas Degrow, Daniel Dorion, Michael Holliday, Janet Swarthout, Lee Wright

20 Years: Gala Bank, Andrew Behmlander, Annette Lynch


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