Supply Chain Management

Business & Management


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Supply Chain Management

The Supply chain management (SCM) program aims to prepare students to help their firms achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by building and delivering better quality products and services, faster and cheaper. It immerses students in the procurement, operations, and logistics aspects of the SCM function, preparing them to build effective networks with their firms’ product and service providers, and customers. 

The program covers global sourcing and distribution, master planning and crafting supply chain solution with ERP systems. It develops students’ ability to analyze problems and make decisions that lead to cost-effective acquisition of products and services, efficient use of people, technology and materials, as well as effective product and service delivery. The program also hones students’ communication, collaboration, and negotiation skills.

Graduates of the SCM program have opportunities for entry-level positions as buyers, materials managers, risk management analysts, logistics planners, procurement managers, and supply chain analysts.

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