Professional Sales

Business & Management


Professional Sales Minor for  B.B.A. Majors
Professional Sales Minor for non-B.B.A. Majors

The Professional Sales minor builds on students’ foundational education in business and management principles, by providing coursework in consumer behavior and analytics, personal selling, sales management, and advanced selling and negotiations. The program focuses on personal, and business-to-business selling. It helps students understand the role of sales in a marketing strategy; the sales process and how to design and deliver effective sales presentations; and how to analyze and manage individual accounts and markets, develop sales plans, and manage a sales force. The program develops students’ communication and relationship building skills, which are critical for successful sales careers. 

Graduates of this program are prepared for a wide range of careers in sales or retail management, advertising, product management, public relations, and customer service. Sales positions go by many different names including account executive, business development officer, district representative, marketing representative, account manager, sales consultant, and manufacturers’ representative. Additionally, many professions such as accounting, finance, information technology, engineering, law, and wealth management have business development as a critical component of the job description.