Marketing class


Business & Management 


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

International Business

Entrepreneurship (for BBA and non-BBA Majors)
Marketing (for BBA and non-BBA Majors)
Professional Sales (for BBA and non-BBA Majors)

The BBA Marketing program aims to prepare students to identify markets for products and services through better understanding and analysis of consumers’ wants and needs, the nature of global competition, the identification of viable competitive strategies, and the ability to choose and effective apply methods for planning and implementing marketing strategies while fulfilling their legal and ethical responsibilities of marketers. The BBA program provides students with a well-rounded education in marketing and management principles. Students complete the business core courses, and have opportunities to pursue courses in consumer behavior and analytics, market research, advertising strategy, international marketing, services marketing, sales management, social medial marketing, physical distribution management, and marketing management. The program emphasizes data analytics and emerging technologies, and develops students’ analytical, communication, decision making, interpersonal, collaboration and organizational skills.

Additionally, marketing major can pursue a concentration in Professional Sales. 

The program is well suited for a diverse range of marketing and management careers in private and public corporations, marketing agencies, or entrepreneurial firms. Graduates often develop and manage advertising campaigns, public relations, and promotional strategies for various commercial, governmental, and not-for-profit organizations. 

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