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Entrepreneurship (for BBA Majors)
Entrepreneurship (for non-BBA majors)

The Entrepreneurship minor program is designed to prepare future entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge to successfully start their own businesses, and to engage in successful corporate entrapreneurship. It builds upon students’ understanding of how business works that is developed in the core business courses. Students learn about the strategic aspects of the entrepreneurial process starting with the identification of business opportunities, the development and validation of unique business models that meet targeted consumer needs and wants, the formation of the entrepreneurial team, securing talent, financial and other resources, and the ethical and social responsibilities needed for entrepreneurial success. The entrepreneurship minor is designed to develop students’ creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills.

Students who complete the entrepreneurship minor may pursue a variety of careers including as new product or new business developers, product or brand managers, business owners or operators, and economic developers.