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Economics for Teacher Certification

The Economics programs immerses students in the study of how individuals and firms make decisions and allocate resources in local, regional, national and global markets. The programs prepare students to understand the forces that drive the actions of corporations and consumers, the way an economy works, and the importance of global trade. Both programs provide students with solid foundation in micro- and macroeconomics, quantitative and communication skills, and an understanding of the institutional settings in which firms operate. Both programs develop students’ analytical and critical thinking, problem-solving, and policy formulation skills. 

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) Economics program gives students a broad liberal arts education, using a theoretical and quantitative approach. It provides students with a comprehensive view of economics and is appropriate for students who want to pursue a master's or a doctoral degree in economics, law, government, and other public policy disciplines.

 The BBA Economics program gives students a practical and more qualitative introduction to economics. The BBA program is particularly appropriate for students who are interested in entering the job market immediately after graduation. The BBA is also appropriate for students who want to pursue business at the professional level and are interested in obtaining a Master of Business Administration. 

Graduates of the economics programs go on to have careers in a variety of fields including banking, finance, economic development, business, international relations and insurance. Potential early career titles include Economic Researcher, Policy Analyst, Investment Advisor, and Economic Journalist.

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