Business and Management

Accounting, Laqw & Finance


Pre-Law Advisor

Dr. Robert Lane
GN 211

Moot Court & Pre-Law Club Advisor

Dr. Julie Keil
GN 210

SVSU offers an array of opportunities and resources for students who are considering attending law school.  As a teaching university focused on the "human scale," it does so in a personal way that connects students to faculty, clubs and organizations, internships, and prelaw advising.  In addition to the many law-related courses available to students, experiential learning opportunities round-out the prelaw program and include Moot Court, the Law Club, internships, a regional mentoring program, and an annual trip for selected students to attend the Law School Forum in Chicago.

Law schools do not specify a particular major which students must complete as undergraduates. A number of majors at SVSU can serve as preparation for law school: Accounting, Communication, English, History, Management, and Political Science. A pre-law advisor works with students considering law school.