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The Earl Warrick Award for Excellence in Research

The Earl Warrick Award is given annually to an SVSU faculty member who has made a significant and/or longstanding contribution to the advancement of knowledge in a recognized field of scholarship or artistic endeavor.

Eligible faculty members may be nominated by any faculty member or Academic Dean at SVSU. The nomination should include a short description (3-5 sentences) on why the person is being nominated.

Nominations should focus on:

  • Publications or original research in refereed scholarly journals
  • Exhibitions and/or performances in juried venues
  • Presentations of original research at juried conferences
  • External funding awards for scholarly activities
  • External awards for research and publication
  • Positive reviews of work in refereed journals
  • Citations of works in other works

The committee chair will contact nominees to request that a portfolio be submitted for the nomination committee to consider.



 The Nomination Deadline for the Warrick Award is Monday, March 1.

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