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TLTR Goals and Objectives

  • Evaluate the need for a student computer literacy standard
  • Facilitate student success within the university and the work environment by assuring that all students possess technological literacy
  • Foster and integrate multiple teaching/ learning technologies (e.g.: internet, Email, audio, video, computer presentations, web enhancements, distance learning resources, etc.) into all appropriate contexts
  • Foster interactive multiple teaching/learning environments in which students use, evaluate and integrate communications technology
  • Provide opportunity and support for the university community to learn and update technological skills to enhance teaching, learning, research and service
  • Evaluate/assess outcomes of technology applications to enhance future initiatives
  • Take an interactive role within regional, state, national and international networks of technology users

Strategies for Implementation

To carry out this mission and accomplish these goals and objectives, the TLT Roundtable will use the following strategies:

  • Support and facilitate on-going faculty/staff/student development to foster successful use of technology
  • Encourage and empower best practices in use of technology through support, incentives and recognition
  • Integrate and foster technological literacy within the curriculum
  • Assess the current availability and use of technology on campus
  • Advise present and future institutional committees regarding technology planning

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