Follies, Reflections & Advice

Megan Potts

Communication Major from Cadillac 

Study Habits for Finals:
First, I'll ask my professor what kind of information I should review. If they haven't given out a study guide sometimes they will be more willing to discuss specific things to talk about. From there I narrow down which notes I should study and form a little collection of the information I should be studying. I'll carry the notebooks and folders with me almost everywhere I go in case I find myself with an extra 20 minutes where I can sit and look through them. Additionally, I set aside at least 2 hours every night and make a list of the things that I absolutely need to review for the night, and then extra things I should do. 

Favorite Place to Study:
Study rooms in the library with friends. I only make sure I have friends with me who are serious about studying so that we don't get distracted and actually do work.

Advice for Freshman: 
Study in advance! Even if you have an exam Thursday or Friday of finals week study at least a week and a half in advance to avoid cramming. 

Eric Davis 

Psychology Major from Clio 

Study habits for finals:
I put the dates and times of all of my finals in my planner so I can look at finals week and know exactly how much time I have each day to study. It is also important to remember that for finals week, and the days leading up to it, school is the number one priority. Don't let anything get in the way of studying.

Favorite place to study:
First floor of the library. Some people like going to the fourth floor, because of the silence, but for me that's just too quiet and I can't stay focused. I like a little background noise. Find a place where you can focus on your studies and ONLY your studies. 

Go-to study snacks:
Snickers and Arnold Palmer. Less than two bucks and you can eat it on the go. 

Advice to freshman:
Don't study in your room! There are plenty of quiet places to study that are void of loud roommates. Go to the library or the study lounges in the Living Centers. Also, remember that getting a good night's sleep is essential. After cramming your brain with information all day, you need to let it rest. 

Elyse Ledy

Communication Major from Perry

Finals Horror Story:
The first semester of my freshmen year I was in CHEM 111. I hadn't studied much that week, thinking I could get away with last minute studying. Ha. Yeah right! I was up til about 5 in the morning, then got two hours of sleep before getting up to study more and take my exam at 8:00am (yes, that year we had an 8:00am CHEM class for some reason. That extra half hour was desperately missed). I was practically falling asleep during the exam, couldn't focus, and did not do as well as I could have if I had just gone to bed early the night before. I LEARNED MY LESSON! Get sleep the night before, and STUDY IN ADVANCE!

Favorite Place to Study:
Anywhere not in my room. Empty classrooms in Pioneer, 4th floor of the library.. Lots of great, quiet places to go!

Go-To Study Snacks:
If I need a snack while studying, string cheese, baby carrots, or trail mix are the best. If I'm a bit stressed out... Definitely go for peanut butter and Oreos (double-stuffed, of course), or pretzels (the cool waffle-looking ones) and chocolate frosting. As much as I don't want to be stressed during finals week, it's an amazing excuse to have my favorite junk foods!

Luke Sheppard

Secondary education math major with a chemistry minor from Frankenmuth

Study habits for finals:
Start studying about a week early and give myself time to look over all of the material that I need to study.  I try not to overwhelm myself and not give myself enough time to study.

Favorite place to study:
4th floor library.  It has a great view so that when I get bored I can let my eyes wander.  It also is extremely quiet and it's one of SVSU's best kept secrets.

Go to study snacks:
Wild cherry pepsi and any sort of candy.  Being able to stop what I'm doing for a few minutes to eat something sweet clears my mind and lets me focus on my homework better.