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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to verify your major and/or minor contact the Registrar’s Office at . Your catalog year is based on your start term. All academic years begin with the fall term, so students who started in the Fall of 2016, Winter of 2017 or Spring/Summer of 2017, you would follow the 2016 catalog. If you’ve moved to a more recent catalog year please make sure it is listed correctly on your audit.


To formally change your major you will need to contact the Registrar’s Office. You will need to indicate your major and/or minor that you intend to pursue.


If you would like to explore other majors you can contact the Academic Advisement Center at and we can send, to your SVSU email account, an audit report for other majors. In Cardinal Direct you will only see your declared degree program.

If you open your degree audit in Cardinal Direct and no information appears, please contact the Registrar’s Office. It may be that some of your records need to be updated in the student information system, but this can be corrected so that you can see your audit on-line.


124 is the minimum number of credits needed in order to complete a degree. Some programs require more than 124 credits because of extensive prerequisites, professional study and field work requirements. Changing your major, or adding a second major/minor might require additional credits. So, you may need more than 124 credits to finish your degree. Your “Anticipated Remaining Credits” only indicates the number of credits you need to reach the 124 minimum. It is not necessarily the total number of required credits you have left to complete.


Probably not. A number of criteria are used to determine placement in Basic Skills courses. ACT/SAT results, testing at SVSU and transfer credit all influence the course level at which a student has been placed. If you are unsure about your placement level you should contact the Advisement Center before enrolling in any courses in Basic Skill areas.

Specific majors may have course requirements that will also complete certain General Education categories. For example, Nursing and Education majors are required to complete Psychology 100 as a part of their degree programs, and this course also completes General Education Category 6. Pay close attention to the courses in your major and/or minor to see if they appear in the General Education categories.

No, General Education requirements simply have to be completed by the time you graduate.

Students with transfer credit may have waivers or course substitutions that complete some General Education requirements. Check with the Registrar’s Office if you believe these exceptions might apply to your General Education program.

Yes. Not all majors or minors have 42 credits of 300-400 level coursework, but students are still required to complete additional courses in order to reach the 42 credit minimum. Those additional upper level courses do not necessarily have to be in your major/minor.

Most majors at Saginaw Valley require a minor, but not all do. Consult your catalog to see if your program requires a major and a minor, or check with a faculty advisor. You can also email the Advisement Center to see which programs require a minor.

Your catalog course descriptions will list prerequisites, or you can check with a faculty advisor about course sequencing within your major or minor. Students should also check with faculty advisors regarding specific semesters when courses are offered.

Some students have course petitions or departmental waivers that address some major or minor requirements. These exceptions have to be manually entered on your audit report. If you have questions about the status of these petitions or waivers please contact the Registrar’s Office or a faculty advisor in your major.

If you believe that some courses are not listed correctly on your audit please contact the Registrar’s Office to determine if your coursework accurately reflects your progress toward your degree.

Students should apply for graduation after they register for their final term at Saginaw Valley. The graduation application is available online via the Registrar's Office Webpage.


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