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Welcome to my pages. What can you find here? Besides some basic information about me, you can also find some hopefully interesting math on my mathematics page. If you are one of my current students, you should probably head over to Vspace and find your class page there, although you may still find some useful or interesting links, handouts and other information on my teaching page. For those interested in typesetting and computer graphics, I have gathered some information about TeX and related software. One of my hobbies is visualization of various mathematical objects, and I have some images I have created on my pictures page. Finally, I have a small collection of assorted junk on my /dev/random page.

If you are looking for Math Olympics stuff, it is now at the official Math Olympics webpage at

When creating and editing these pages, I try to follow current web standards. I mostly use "gecko" based browsers, like galeon, epiphany and firefox to test the pages. The pages should display well in all standard compliant browsers. Users of Internet Explorer may, however, experience certain quirks and hiccups, as that browser is known not to support current web standards very well. You should still be able to access all the information presented here, but don't be surprised if some things are more or less disturbingly misaligned and misformated. Nevertheles, enjoy!

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