Dr. Herkstroeter

                          Winter, 2010


OFFICE: 241 Brown


PHONE: (989) 964-4333

Office hours: M    2:30-4:00

              W 2:30-4:00

              or by appointment


web page:                              email:



Text:               FRENCH FOR ORAL & WRITTEN REVIEW (5th edition) CM

                        by Carlut and Meiden



                      Class attendance is required. More than three absences will result in a penalty. (Note: skipping half a class is half an absence.)

                      The only time you will be excused is in case of bad weather if the PUBLIC schools in the district where you live are closed. If this is the case, please call or e-mail Dr. Herkstroeter that day. If she is unavailable, leave a message for her voice mail stating what school district you live in and that you are staying home because of bad weather. Note: you are still responsible for whatever material was covered that day.


                      Three tardy arrivals equals one absence.


                      If, on a given day, you are unprepared, come to class anyway. Just tell me ahead of time and I won't pick on you. If this happens repeatedly, however, it will affect your grade.


Objectives. Students will:

            1.        Review and practice the main grammar points in French.

            2.         Write exercises and translations demonstrating their understanding.

            3.         Use certain problem vocabulary words correctly.

            4.         Write short papers biweekly, correct and resubmit them.

            5.         Speak French in class.

            6.         Use certain internet sites effectively for reference and practice.


The first hour of class will be spent doing grammar rules, exercises and going over homework from the book. The second hour will be spent on conversation, discussion of news articles and group activities on Mondays. On Wednesdays hour will be spent in the lab.





Grading scale


                                                         A           93-100

                                                         A-          90-92

                                                         B+         88-89

                                                         B           83-87

                                                         B-          80-82

                                                         C+         78-79

                                                         C           70-77

                                                         D           65-69

                                                         F            less than 65


The grade will be calculated in the following way:

                                                6 two-page compositions                                40 pts 

                                                midterm exam 

                                                final exam                                                       15

                                                class participation                                           25

                                                            (homework, cercles de discussion) 


Dates              Material


Jan. 11            Introduction, Chapter 1 Interrogatives CM


Jan 13           Interrogatives (cont)


Jan. 18            Chap. 2         Adjectives CM


Jan. 20            Chap. 3         Adverbs CM



Jan. 27            Chap. 4           Use of Tenses CM


Feb. 1              Tenses (cont.)


Feb. 3              Chap 5            Personal Pronouns CM



Feb. 8              Chap. 6 Past Tenses in Narration CM


Feb. 10            Past (cont)


Feb. 15            Chap 7            Possessives



Feb. 17            Chap 8            Participles


Feb. 22           Chap 9            Demonstratives


Feb. 24           Chap. 10         Relatives CM



March 1          Relatives (cont)


March 3          Review 


March 7-14      Spring Break


March 15        Midterm exam


March 17        Chap. 11         The Subjunctive          


March 22 Subjunctive (cont)



March 24        Chap. 12         The Article


March 29        The Article (cont)


March 31        Chap. 13         Indefinite Nouns CM


April 5            Chap. 14         Passive Voice & Causal Construction CM  



April 7            Chapter 15      Devoir CM


April 12          Devoir (cont)


April 14          Chapter 16      Constructions with Prepositions CM


April 19          Chapter 17      Problem Prepositions CM




April 21          Review


April 26          Final Exam (comprehensive)