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Writing Strategies

Nine Questions for Analyzing Writing Assignments

1. What does the title of the assignment suggest about the type of writing I will be doing?

2. What do the verbs used in the assignment suggest about the type of writing?

3. How does my topic choice correspond to the assignment requirements?

4. Who is my audience? 

• How does this influence my tone, style, and argument? 

5. What does this assignment or my professor say about the organizational pattern I should use? 

• Does my professor have a margin, font, or format preference?

• Is there a length requirement? 

6. If using research, what citation style (e.g., MLA, APA) should I use in this paper? 

7. What class assignments, research, and resources can I use to help me with this paper? 

8. Did I receive a grading rubric? 

• What criteria will I be graded on?

• What aspects of writing are emphasized in this class and/or assignment? 

9. When is this paper due? 

• What is my target date for a draft?

• How many days do I need to revise?

• What strategies should I use? (e.g., Writing Center? Peer review?)