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Contact Us
(989) 964-6061

Helen Raica-Klotz, Director

(989) 964-6062

Chris Giroux, Coordinator

(989) 964-7228


Zahnow 308 (third floor library)


Fall Hours:
Mondays - Thursdays: 9 am - 7 pm
Fridays: 10 am - 2 pm

Graduate Tutoring

Graduate students have two options, depending on the length of the paper:

OPTION ONE: (for shorter papers, under 15 pages) individual tutoring with a Writing Center tutor

At any time, graduate students may walk into the Writing Center for shorter papers; tutorial sessions will be conducted with any of the available Writing Center staff. See the menu on the left for our open days/hours.

OPTION TWO: (for longer papers, over 15 pages) individual tutoring with a Writing Center graduate tutor by appointment

Graduate students may schedule a tutorial session with a graduate tutor by appointment for longer papers. (Graduate tutors are undergraduates who have worked in the Writing Center for at least one year and have experience working with students from a variety of different disciplines.)

During the summer 2014 semester, we will be taking one-hour appointments on  Mondays from 10  am - 12pm, and Thursdays from 3 - 5 pm.

To make an appointment for a tutorial session, click here OR log in to your Vspace Workspace, and click on "Schedule Tutoring" in the menu on the left. Tutorial sessions will be limited to four 60 minute sessions per project.

Note Regarding Online Writing Center Sessions with Graduate Students:

Because we believe that the best conversations about writing occur in face-to-face sessions, we encourage you to come into the Writing Center for a tutorial session. However, if you are unable to come into the Writing Center, please contact Helen Raica-Klotz, Writing Center Director, at or via phone, (989) 964-6062, to schedule an online appointment with a graduate tutor.

Writing Center mentoring is not appropriate for masters theses or capstone projects; please contact your faculty advisor for assistance with these.