Baseline Website Standards

As outlined in our purpose and goals, Web Communications seeks to help each office and department provide an informative and engaging presence on their website. To help achieve this, the following have been identified as the Baseline Website Standards for all websites under the domain:

1) What Should Be On Your Homepage (Content)

All SVSU homepages will include an overview, list of services, and/or a brief welcome message. Examples: Academic Advisement Center | Graduate Programs

2) Give Your Site Visual Appeal

All SVSU departmental pages should be visually appealing, making use of:
1. Images
2. Templates
3. Heading styles
Examples: Campus Recreation | Music Department

3) Provide Contact Information

All SVSU departmental homepage’s will include contact information in a box on the homepage or a Contact Us page in the navigational menu.  Submit requests to Web Communications for further customization or editing.    

Contact information:
— Telephone
— Fax
— Email
— Mailing Address
— Office Hours/ Days
Examples: Living on Campus | Financial Aid

4a) Make your site easy to use - Search Terms

A list of keywords for implementation as featured search engine results can be submitted to and RTEmagicC_search_01‌ reviewed with Web Communications annually. Search terms will help your page be found more easily when users use the SVSU Site Search.


4b) Make your site easy to use - Staff List

TYPO3 extracts contact information directly from the online directory/Datatel.

Web Communications maintains these listings as dictated by the annual list of new faculty and each Interior, however we ask that these lists be reviewed for accuracy at beginning of each semester.

Note: This functionality has not been restored since the website was hacked in January 2011. Updates have not been possible to the pages. If you have an urgent change to be made, please contact Web Communications and we will do our best to make the required change.


5) Strategically Place "About Us" Information

A website “best practice” is the inclusion of an “About Us” page or section. Included should be the staff listing (mentioned previously containing name, title, office, phone, and email). 
This is also the most commonly used location to display mission/vision content and additional contact info (i.e. fax, mailing address).

Examples: Nursing | Academic Advisement Center

6) Watch Your Links

One of the easiest ways to lose visitors from your site is through broken or invalid links, usually found within text.  Such errors result in a user being returned a page shown here (404 error – Page Not Found).

All hyperlinks should be tested annually by a manual test of the site (by clicking on each link) or by running a link check report (contact Web Communications for recommendations for free downloadable software).

7) Navigation Should Reflect Subpages

RTEmagicC_Criminal_Justice‌ Let your navigational menu work for you. (gray bar on left side). Sub pages should appear in here.

A list of navigational links should not be within primary content area.  Hyperlinks within content to other pages within the domain are encouraged, but not to replace what should be found in the navigation.

Note: TYPO3 editors do have permissions to create new pages. New pages will appear in the gray navigation menu.


8) Content Must Link to Single Source of Origin

Curriculum and policy information must point to a single source of origin. This includes:

a) Academic program requirements and course descriptions should link directly to department page within the course catalog .

Ex.  List of Undergraduate & Graduate programs.